The IMPROVED, All In Free Poker

effective September 29, 2016


PLAY FOR OVER $4500 worth of Gift Cards, Prizes and Casino Buy-ins EVERY MONTH


Nightly Tournaments: Every location will have 5 tournaments per session, numbered 1 thru 5. Games 1 and 5 are DAILY DOUBLE’S (DD), with 2 optional re-entries. (explained below),

Games two and four have two optional re-entries. Game three is a bounty tournament with no re-entry and 500 chips when you eliminate a player. Game five allows to you “add on” or re-enter twice anytime you are at 3500 chips or below.

--Win at least one game to qualify for the Weekly Winners Tournament (WWT). First win equals 2000 starting chips. Additional wins equal 500 chips each. Play all 5 games in any session and earn 500 bonus chips for that weeks WWT.(must have a win to qualify) (max bonus in any week is 2000 chips)

--Each location also awards gift cards/prizes as well. Check with your dealer.

--Any session where all 5 tournaments are played, a $25 Visa Gift Card will be awarded to the player accumulating the most points using 200/win, 100/second, 90/third, 80/fourth etc.


Daily Double (DD): Winners of the Daily Double tournament will have their Weekly Winners starting stack DOUBLED. If your only win for the week is the DD, you would receive 2000 chips for the win, which would double to 4000 for the WWT.  Another example, if you won a DD and two additional games, the first win gives you 2000, 500 each for the additional two wins equaling 3000, then doubled to 6000 for the WWT. Additional DD wins in the same week = 500 chips for the next MWT.


Weekly Winners Tournaments (WWT): There are two, no re-entry tournaments every week. Players are eligible to play both. Currently held on Saturday @ 11AM at The Cage, and Sunday at 2:00 PM at Geronimo’s. (check website for any changes to location/time) Both WWT's will be followed by 5 tournaments.

--Winner of each WWT receives up to a $75 Casino Single Tournament Buy-in*.

--Top three place finishers earn chips for the Monthly Winners Tournament (MWT) as follows: First place earns 3000 chips, Second 2000, Third 1000.

To Qualify for the WWT: Win any game during the Thursday through Wednesday week.


Monthly Winners Tournament (MWT): Schedule listed on the website (generally the second Saturday of the month). You can qualify by placing first, second or third in a WWT, or winning a second DD in any week.

--Winner of the no re-entry MWT receives up to a $350 Casino Single Tournament Buy-in*, Second Place receives up to a $150 Casino Single Tournament Buy-in*, Third Place receives up to a $75 Casino Single Tournament Buy-in*. Fourth place receives 2000 chips for the next WWT.


*All Casino Buy ins are transferable, and must be paid by the recipient and then reimbursed by the League upon submission of the Casino Receipt. Player can select Casino. Receipts are required for reimbursement. All Casino Buy-ins expire one year after the date earned.



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AIF Poker LLC reserves the right to modify or cancel any provision without notice.